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When we come to our house after a long tiring day at the office, we just need to lay down on our bed and sleep. But it does not happen this way, and we are turning and tossing on our bed all night. And in the morning we do not feel fresh, but instead feel more tired and stressed out. The problem is not with us but with our mattress, as it is uncomfortable. The reasons for that can be either your mattress is too old or of bad quality. A bad quality mattress can cause you severe back and neck pains.

Our company, scot dreams, provides the best cheap divan beds in the UK. Our divan bed designs in Glasgow are very stylish and aesthetic and are demanded by all the hotels in the UK. Our company employees are professional and trained in serving our customers.  Our employees will assist you as well in the selection of the bed from various designs that will complement your room. And they will also bring your bed along with the mattress to your house and place it in your room. Our employees are very friendly and helpful and never feel frustrated in helping out their customers.

The prices that we offer to our customers are reasonable and affordable and people belonging to different strata of the society can afford to have it. The prices of our bed range from lowest to the highest and are made from a good quality material that will last longer.

Styles and types of bed

We offer different styles and designs of divan beds to our customers and they can choose whatever fits they need. The different types of bed are as follows:

Sprung top bed- This type of bed contains a lot of springs inside it just to make it more soft, relaxing and comfortable.

Platform top bed- This type of bed is more firm and provides more support to the back of the person and helps in solving all back pains.

Storage- Our divan beds also provide a storage capacity that is fitted at the base of the bed. The drawers at the base of the can range from one drawer to more depending on the bed size and the customer requirements.

Size-Our divan bed also comes in different sizes e.g. double bed size for adults and single bed size for children. The size of the bed also depends on the size of the room.

Contact information

You can either visit our office at 27 manning courts Glasgow, G413QQ United Kingdom ( GBR or call us at 07421 350493. You can also email us at Or visit our website at and send us your message by filling the customer box at the contact page.

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